Thursday, April 12, 2018

Rick Kelo - In Socialist Societies Citizens Have No Rights

Always challenging the way we view political discourse, Rick Kelo points out something almost universally over-looked.  When politics & economics are discussed a great many Americans hold Socialism in a favorable view.  However, says Rick Kelo, that is only because we haven't stopped to first reason it through to conclusion.

"All civil rights are ultimately economic rights," Kelo points out.  "When we say you have freedom of the press that is because the press is privately owned.  An economic right exists first.  How can there truly be freedom of the press in a Socialist society where the government owns the press?"

Rick A Kelo
A Socialist society has no natural rights because all natural rights are ultimately reducible to economic rights.  Another example Richard Kelo provides is freedom of speech.  You can't have freedom of speech when you can't procure economic ownership rights over a hall to give your speech.  When we say a protester is exercising their "freedom of speech" that implies their freedom to speak in a place where they have some economic property right.  A protester can't force their way into your living room and decide to picket there obviously.  That's because you have an economic property right to your home, but once Socialism wipes out private ownership the protester will be left with nowhere to protest.

Would so many Americans hold Socialism in a favorable viewpoint if they realized Socialism, by its very nature, is the absence of civil rights.

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