Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Rick Kelo - Socialism Requires Force

As people we inherently recognize that forcing someone else to live their life on our terms is wrong.  You would never put a gun to someone's head you passed on the street and order them to go work as a fry cook at a fast food restaurant.  But if they decided on their own that job suited them then you'd never think twice about it.

Rick Kelo thinks the same principle applies to Socialism.  To date there has never been an economy where Socialism has not been implemented by force.  The Baath Party in Iraq, the Khymer Roughe in Cambodia, and the Soviet revolutionaries in Russia are just a few examples.  Socialist countries may hold elections, but does anyone actually believe Bashar-al Assad in Syria or Hugo Chavez in Venezuela were actually elected democratically?  Of course not.

There can never be a Socialist economy without force.  Socialists like to claim that an economy can naturally evolve to Socialism, but that argument is unsound.  A socialist economy cannot be created without force because without a central power imposing it you don't have Socialism.  You have capitalism.  Force is necessary to outlaw all other forms of economic organization except Socialism.

Rick A Kelo
Rick Kelo feels putting a gun to someone's head and telling them they can only work under the Socialist's terms, or cannot work under any other terms but the Socialist's terms, is wrong.  Rick is an outspoken advocate of human rights and he regularly speaks out against prohibitions.  As Richard Kelo teaches, our fellow man is someone to be persuaded and reasoned with, not forced and bulldozed over.

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