Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Rick Kelo speaks on Pacifism & Economics

Rick Kelo is a pacifist who believes that initiating violence is illegitimate.  It's rare to meet a former military officer and combat veteran who is a pacifist.  Rick did not come to understand the value of the Non-Aggression Principle until years after leaving the military.  Since then he has been an outspoken advocate of peaceful human interactions.

To Rick Kelo we are all born with a basic understanding that initiating violence is inherently wrong.  So when the question of how to best organize a society where many people have to function together this topic comes to the fore-front.  Fundamentally we can either organize a society along the peaceful lines where people interact voluntarily, or along the violent lines where interactions are forced.

Do we force the cake baker to make a cake for a wedding he disagrees with, or do we not force him?

Richard Kelo's answer is not to use force.

Rick A Kelo
Some would respond that a voluntary economy, or a capitalist economy, relies on violence because it requires a police force and a court system in order to protect private property.  Rick Kelo's view is that when someone robs you, and the police find them and return your stolen property the police haven't initiated violence.  The robber initiated violence; the police merely restored your prior condition of peaceful existence.

That's how private property rights work Rick Kelo teaches.  Capitalism is based on private property & does not require violence, it only requires you not initiate thievery / violence and that a police force protecting private property exists to deal with those thieves who do initiate violence.  Now compare that to the robber in the above example (who was the Socialist).  The Socialist must steal & violate property rights in order to implement his theft-based system.

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