Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Rick Kelo Discusses Building World-Class Tax Departments

Rick Kelo is a seasoned tax recruiter who has over a decade of experience building world-class tax departments.

For the last 6 years Rick Kelo has headed the nationwide tax recruiting firm TaxScout, Inc.  Rapid growth has seen TaxScout expand into Atlanta, then Houston and Dallas from their headquarters in Chicago.

Rick Kelo credits the phenomenal growth of TaxScout, Inc. to the firm's focus on helping clients build world-class tax departments.  Most companies come to Rick for assistance when they've recently experienced turn-over.  However, says Rick, the time when you need a recruiter to replace someone who's quit is also the time when you need to evaluate how much at risk your current employees are from having an outside recruiter approach them.  TaxScout offers just such a service to clients.  Because TaxScout works only with corporate tax departments they are especially well suited to provide advice on how to build your current team as well as add new hires.

Rick Kelo, CEO of TaxScout, Inc.