Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Rick Kelo – The New Cultural Movement of Economics

There is a movement taking place within the younger generation of Americans that is centered on the nation’s economy. The millennial generation has traditionally been thought of as spoiled, uninspired, and privileged. In many ways, these accusations are true, or at least were. However, in the last decade millennials have been entering the workforce, voting, and paying taxes with significant consequences. Millennials witnessed the economic crisis of 2008 either as children watching their parents struggle or as young adults trying to make their way in the world. This had significant impacts on their lives and now the recent presidential election is guaranteed to as well. As millennials are growing up, they are proving to be just as engaged, if not more engaged, than the generation that came before them.

For economist and financial expert RickKelo, understanding the complexities of the economy is something that the millennial generation needs in order to make good decisions about the future of the United States. Luckily, there are experts out there such as Rick Kelo who are using their experiences and perspective to educate average individuals. What’s more, he is doing it in a way that is accessible and meaningful to millennials: social media.

Rick Kelo currently writes for and operates a number of blogs across various platforms that share his political, social, and economic beliefs about the state of the economy. He is also active on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. This online, social media presence has made him particularly assessable to the millennial generation. In fact, a recent study conducted by the Pew Research Center has shown that more than 60% of adults get their information about current events and the news from social media. As such a powerful tool, those who have something to say must turn to social media in order to get their message out there.

His articles cover a broad range of topics from as “The Simple Economics of a Bubble” and “The Economics of a Tariff”, to “Socialism and Star Wars”. He makes stark comparisons between the state of the United States economy and those of other nations as well. He even goes into the history behind classic liberalism and shows how it differs immensely from modern liberalism. In short, the millennial generation has found the answer to their thirst for knowledge in RickKelo’s likes on StumbleUpon.com, his informative blog posts on WordPress, and his comments on other social media outlets.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Rick Kelo – Handling Company Finances

If you are a small business owner, success comes with a certain price. Of course, all businesses want to succeed in our economy and for someone just starting out, this drive is especially true. When success is realized, it is therefore doubly rewarding. However, with this financial success comes the burden of managing increasing finances. As your business grows, it becomes and more difficult to handle these finances on your own and the consequences for handling them incorrectly increase dramatically.  It is important that you adjust your staffing as your business grows to include financial experts who understand how to handle the legal and financial logistics of a growing company. It can be just as hard to find such a person as it is to handle the finance on your own, and that is why private financial recruitment firms exist. 

 Richard Arthur Kelo withTaxScout Inc. is an executive recruiter and financial expert who has decades of experience. TaxScout is the largest tax professional placement service in the country, offering the best candidates and customer service in the market. One of the company’s biggest accomplishments is their impressive 70% retention rate. This means that roughly 70% of the financial experts they place in companies stay with that company in the long run, more than double that of other firms. This is because TaxScout continues to work with clients after placing them with a suitable company in order to manage the retention of the professionals they have placed.

TaxScout focuses on bringing the best professionals into their company and then allowing them to use their expertise to get the job done. Richard Kelo, for example, is a United States Military Academy graduate with a B.S. in General Engineering. He also received his MBA in Finance from the University of Illinois at Chicago. He has been working in finance for years as both the head of finance and as an executive recruiter. His responsibilities include creating company candidate databases to comply with OFCCP, promoting diversity, developing client bases, advising on retention policies, and advising on fair market compensation. His background in finance give him the skills and perspective to make sure that all parties involved in the recruitment get what they need.

For RickKelo, understanding the complexities of the economy is a job that he knows not everyone has the qualifications or interest for. That is why he and the other professionals as TaxScout work hard to ensure that each of their candidates meets the requirements of their clients. For more information on Rick Kelo and TaxScout visit their website online.