Friday, September 30, 2016

Richard Arthur Kelo - Classical Liberal Economics the Way of the Future

Often we turn to the past to give us answers for the future. As all historians will testify to, there is so much important information in history that can help us establish a more positive future, and avoid making similar mistakes that have caused the destruction of states worldwide. Furthermore, history is full of great thinkers, academics and philosophers, whose ideas remain relevant today and can also help determine the best paths to take for society. In economics, we ride on a wave of great thinkers who have changed the ideological landscape over not only the last century, but hundreds of years before. For classical liberal economist Rick Kelo, bringing these ideas into contemporary contexts has been at the heart of his mission.

You can find out more about Rick Kelo and his ideas here at Ceteris Paribus - Economics from the Austrian &Monetarist traditions ; political philosophy from the Classic Liberal tradition. For Rick Kelo, may of the great historical yet relevant economic theory presented to him came from his MBA studies at the University of Chicago. Rick Kelo quickly realized that he belonged to the same schools of thought as the Austrian and Monetarist traditions, with roots in great thinkers such as John Locke, and Benjamin Franklin. His studies here made one thing perfectly clear to the ambitious young thinker- that many of these ideas remained hugely relevant today, and could help shape society in a positive way.

A common thread that runs through the writings and ideas of all the greats mentioned above, and furthermore in the works of individuals like Ludwig von Mises, is a stern warning against state control and the dangers of taking away our economic liberties- or as it is known in its 21st century carnation- socialism. By implementing socialist economic theories governments in recent times have encroached on our liberties, and we are seeing the very freedoms this great country was built on slowly become null and void.

Rick Kelo believes that by applying the ideas of the great classical liberal economic thinkers into contemporary contexts, individuals like himself can help raise awareness of the dangers of such policies, and make sure they create a more informed and better equipped public sphere. Using the ideas of the past to shape the future is not a new concept, but one which is particularly relevant today with the dangers we are facing as a nation. To find out more about his ideas and opinions then follow Rick Kelo on MSNBC.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Tax Competitiveness: America's Corporate Effective Tax Rate vs. other countries

In this video Rick Kelo discusses how America ranks by its corporate tax rate.  However, most rankings of this nature only rank countries by their "Marginal Tax Rate," or the highest possible rate they may pay prior to deductions.  In this video Rick discusses America's corporate "Effective Tax Rate" (or the tax rate companies actually pay after deductions) and how the U.S. ranks relative to other countries.

Countries Ranked by Corporate Effective Tax Rate - Rick Kelo 

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Rick Kelo – A Standard of Excellence in Tax Recruiting

With his renowned company TaxScout, a specialty tax recruiting firm that exclusively works in the filed of corporate taxation, Rick Kelo is changing the recruiting game by serving as the eyes and ears in the job market, acting as a company’s first face to the tax profession when it’s time to hire. With a BS in economics and leadership from the United States Military Academy at West Point, as well as an MBA in finance from the University of Illinois at Chicago, Kelo is highly qualified when it comes to understanding the intricacies of American economic system, especially taxes. 

Kelo understands the frustration that comes along with search firms submitting applicants that can easily be found on an e-board by a company’s HR department. These search firms are more concerned with putting out numbers, rather than actually taking the time to understand a company’s needs, and finding a candidate that adequately fulfills their requirements. TaxScout does just the opposite – instead of searching for candidates via e-boards, TaxScout recruiters search for passive candidates who’s perfect next step in their career corresponds to your company’s hiring needs. Instead of just sending you an applicant’s resume, TaxScout develops a complete profile of the potential employee, highlighting his or her complete dossier of experience, motivations, and capabilities. 

Rick Kelo’s official account on LinkedIn clearly illustrates the accomplishments he has made through TaxScout, including filing searches in every career level and specialty area of tax in existence, complete tax searches for client companies in every industry imaginable, and achieving an astonishing 84 percent of searches from repeat clients. One factor that truly distinguishes Kelo’s work as a recruiter is the fact that he is an entrepreneur just like many of his clients, which has given him the unique ability to understand and empathize with the career paths of a multitude of clients. This is why TaxScout strives to offer a personalized, professional experience for both employers and candidates. 

In addition to the comprehensive services Kelo offers through TaxScout, he also has a major online presence where he disseminates his vast knowledge and passion for the economy to the public. Kelo understands that the economy is a complex and dense concept, but that it is also an important idea that the average citizen needs to understand. Through his insightful and well-written blogs, Kelo is breaking down a notoriously difficult notion into bite-sized pieces that can be easily digested by the general public.