Thursday, August 18, 2016

Rick Kelo- Digestible Classical Liberal Economics

One of the great arguments of our time as to the reason we have such an apathetic electorate, is that governments and institutions have complicated the debates too much. Some skeptics would argue that this is establishment tactics at trying to disenfranchise and disinterest the public. In doing so, it frees the governments and organizations to make decisions on the people's behalf, who find the subjects to complex or too boring. This is naturally a dangerous precedent and a real threat to the long term future of democracy. The question many academics, philosophers and scholars are asking is how can we better engage the public with important ideas that will determine the future of nations. Luckily, the internet has provided the perfect platform from which to do so. Now, to understand complex government policy decision, we have a wealth of resources at our fingertips, from videos, media and articles to help explain these ideas and empower our voting strength.

CeterisParibus - Economics from the Austrian & Monetarist traditions is a philosophy that thinker Rick Kelo has long subscribed too. From the same schools of thought as Ludwig von Mises, John Locke and Benjamin Franklin,Rick Kelo believes that more people need to be informed of the potential that these ideas have to transcend our economies and do what is best for the nation. Rick Kelo's real strength lies in his ability to communicate complex issues such as minimum wage, social security and trade tariffs in an entertaining, articulate and digestible way.

One such example s his use of parables. He retells the story of ''Barstool Economics'' to highlight the pitfalls of the modern income tax imposed by the American government. In an insightful parable, he talks of the dangers of imposing too high an income tax on the wealthy, lest they take their money and business elsewhere to other nations. In the long run, taking the wealthiest percentage of Americans' money out of the economy can only have disastrous effects on the economy.

Rick Kelo's insightful articles and blog posts are a great example of how the internet has provided a platform for educated people to help inform and educate the public to re-engage them with the political issues of the day. Follow Rick Kelo onNewsvine here.

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