Thursday, July 28, 2016

Rick Kelo- Breaking Down Popular Misconceptions

Being able to challenge the status quo and ask questions of widely believed opinions and political positions is one of the great freedoms liberal democracies grant its citizens. To be able to critics a government, questions its policies and form protests and demonstrations to make our voices heard is something that many in the Western world  take for granted. In the majority of countries across the world, this is a freedom that is all to often waived by tyrants, dictators and authoritarian regimes. The internet represents this freedom in many ways. Whilst some governments like Russia or China seek to harness the power of the internet and censor it from its citizens, in the US, people are allowed to use the web as a mouthpiece to make their voices heard.

For thinkers like Rick Kelo, Using Online Presence as Social Service is one of the many advantages the internet has given us in a bid to fight the injustices that we are faced with everyday. As an economics and finance graduate, Rick Kelo uses his web platform as a chance to share ideas about the great economic traditions of his heroes in the Austrian and Monetarist traditions, whilst raising debates about government policy, society and economy. A good example of Rick Kelo's tenacious critical voice is a recent article on social security.

 Long maintained as a necessary tax deduction taken from the state to ensure our future comforts, recent reports from fiscal institutions suggest that this may not be the case after all. As Rick Kelo articulates in his blog, ''As Social Security turns 80 years old have you ever stopped to wonder whether you are better or worse off for having government confiscate 12.4% of your wages? A couple economists at the Federal Reserve asked themselves that question, and found that only four-one-hundredths of one percent (0.04%)of Americans would be better off under Social Security than funding their own private retirement. 99.96% were made worse off.''

Rick Kelo's insightful eye and ability to criticize policies long overdue revaluation have made him a popular online voice among classic liberal economics. His online presence is a reminder of the great advantages of democracy and liberal societies in which we are able to make our voices heard to help shape popular opinion. For Rick Kelo, The Outspoken Blogger Questioning TheModern Age, now is the time to challenge the status quo.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Rick Kelo- Education is the Only Way to Real Positive Change

Very few people question the importance of education on making for a better society. Whilst it is little talked about in the political public sphere, we recognize it as laying the foundations for the future's of our societies. Not only is it important what people learn, but what they are allowed to learn, where and how they can learn and also who can learn. The answers to these questions vary from country to country according to the political philosophies the countries are built on. However, it seems in the modern age that politicians are undermining the populations intelligence somewhat- with campaigns built on lies and false promises, and by avoiding answering questions on sensitive yet highly important social issues. On top of this, the tendency to over-complicate government policies and decisions has led to a huge apathy among citizens, who struggle to engage with the complex political debates.

For people like Rick Kelo, Education is a Priority when trying to engage the population with political issues. The internet has offered us vast opportunists to learn more than we could have ever previously imagines. Not only are traditional media outlets the source of our information. We are now exposed to the ideas of academics, intellectuals, educated individuals and anyone who cares to contribute to the online discussion regarding the future of our countries.

For people like Rick Kelo, it is vital for them to use their education to try and help better inform the public of contemporary issues that will effect their lives. On Rick Kelo's website, his articles discuss issues such as social security, minimum wage, trade legislation and taxes- all factors which have hugely powerful consequences on our civil liberties and economic freedoms. The purpose of Rick Kelo's writings is to cultivate an interest in complex subjects in economics and politics, in a concise and understandable way that allows the readers to understand and make their own better-informed judgments on today's political climate.

By doing so, Rick Kelo and others like him can cultivate a more educated electorate, who are able to better scrutinize modern governmental policy. A more educated populace means a better voting turnout and better political candidates to ensure a prosperous economic future for the company. Education is key for people like Rick Kelo, in Exposing The Fault lines of Our Economies, and will determine the future course of all Western Democracies.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Richard Arthur Kelo - Making an Important contribution to the Great Debates of Our Time

Richard Arthur Kelo has a reputation in his line of work as being one of the best Tax Recruitment Advisers in the country today. His work with TaxScout Inc., is to source and recruit the brightest economic minds for the industry to help join exemplary tax services across the nation. His experience in the industry has allowed him to develop a good sense for which people make the best characters to work in taxation. Rick Kelo graduated with an MBA in economics and finance from the prestigious Chicago University, which is where his interest in the subjects were born. Rick Kelo's work in the industry has given him a good scope of how it all works, and allowed him to share his analysis and criticism on the modern tax system in his insightful blogs and articles.

The internet has provided the perfect platform for educated thinkers such as Richard Arthur Kelo to spread their ideas and discussions about modern society. Many recognize the internet as the most liberating invention in the history of mankind, and Rick Kelo relishes the chance to debate and discuss economic issues with his community in doing so. With an increasing suspicion of the relationship between governments and media, experts like Rick Kelo are more sought after than ever for an unbiased and balanced opinion . Intellectual thinkers such as Rick Kelo are the voice of the digital age in many senses, and give insightful analysis on topics that concern the citizens of their countries.

Rick Kelo subscribes to the ideas of the Austrian and Monetarist schools of thoughts, whom have always shown caution towards controversial government policies such as tax. Rick Kelo sees his role as being able to share the importance of these ideas with wider communities, and expose government lies and hypocrisy. Should more people like Rick Kelo contribute to the online debate and discussion of contemporary politics and economics, then the better equipped the people will be to make informed judgments in the future. You can find out more about his ideas here at Rick Kelo - Chicago, IL, Houston, Atlanta, Tax Recruiter.